September 18, 2017

Motivational Water Bottle

Aspire Infusion 

3-in-1 Fruit Infuser Motivational Water Bottle with Times, Protein Shaker Stainless Steel Ball & Condensation Sleeve – Motivational Time Markings – FREE E-Book Included

Price: £14.95 + FREE P&P

Motivational Water Bottle with Times

3-in-1 Motivational Water Bottle Design:

1) MOTIVATIONAL WATER BOTTLE – To keep you hydrated.

2) FRUIT INFUSER – Specially designed giving you flavourful fruit infused water drinks fully loaded with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients your body needs. 

3) PROTEIN SHAKER – Used with the stainless steel shaker ball, turn your bottle into a protein shaker

Benefits of our Motivational Water Bottle:

  • MOTIVATIONAL WATER BOTTLE WITH TIME MARKINGS & 1 LITRE CAPACITY – Just 2 of these bottles filled up is the minimum recommended daily amount of water to stay healthy and hydrated. Keep on top of how much you are drinking by following the time guidelines.
  • FREE Condensation Sleeve plus Side Grips & Handles – Reduces bottle condensation, keeping your hands dry whilst keeping your drink cool. Integrated handles makes your bottle easy to carry while walking, running or hiking.
  • Safe & Eco-Friendly – Made from the toughest and safest BPA Free plastic to give you the perfect re-usable bottle.
  • Simple to use & easy to clean plus get your FREE benefits & recipe e-book to guide you to a healthier and more hydrated you.

Struggle to drink 2 Litres of Water per Day?

The Aspire Infusion Motivational Water Bottle has been developed to make drinking water easy, with the fruit infusion option you can choose to replace your sugary drinks with healthy refreshing fruit water. It’s great to use wherever you go, whether in the office, at the gym, travelling, or just at home, how does that sound to you?

If you are reading this then you are already on the right track to improving your overall health. We know just how easy it is for life to get busy and before you know it you haven’t drank anything all day. Imagine the benefits of being able to keep on top of your hydration 24/7 because you know exactly how much you have drank throughout the day thanks to your water bottle keeping the score for you.

Aspire infusion offers an excellent water bottle at fantastic value.

Aspire Infusion Motivational Water Bottle Features:
• Motivational Time Markings
• 100% BPA Free
• Fruit Infuser
• Sturdy Flip Lock & Seal with Extra Latch to ensure 100% Seal & No Leaks
• Carry Handle & Bottle Grips
• Protein Shaker Ball Included
• FREE Condensation Sleeve
• FREE e-book with tonnes of advice and recipes

BUY NOW to get your bottle and as a result start being a healthier you! Alternatively contact us to find out more.