How to drink more water? 10 easy ways to stay hydrated!

Tips to drink more water

1. Find a Motivational Water Bottle with Time Markings such as the Aspire Infusion bottle

Sticking to the motivational time markings on your bottle will make it easier for you to consume enough water throughout the day as it breaks it down. Ensure you carry your bottle with you everywhere you go to make sure you stick to the guidelines. Simply fill the bottle up twice per day to stick to the recommended guidelines.

2. Drink your preferred water type

Some people find it easier to drink a certain type of water such as bottled, tap, room temperature or cold. Make sure you choose to drink your preferred choice of water as you will be more likely to drink it and stay hydrated.

3. Add some flavour

Adding some flavour to your water may be more appetising – therefore make it easier for you to consume your daily amount. There are many recipes you can find online plus adding flavours such as fruit are great antioxidants which are super healthy for your skin and body.

4. Drink little and often

Drinking little and often can help keep you hydrated. If you wait until the end of the day to drink your water, you will find it extremely difficult and will be more likely to fail.

5. Use an App to Track your water intake

These days you can get an App for near enough anything including tracking how much water you drink a day. Download the Drink Water Tracker Reminder or Hydro Coach – drink water onto your smart phone to set daily reminders and alarms. There are many apps to choose from but those are a couple of the top rated ones.

6. Drink a glass of water before each meal

Aim to drink a glass of water just before a meal. Many of us think we’re hungry when actually we’re thirsty. This will not only help with water intake but it could aid weight loss as you’re making sure you’re not just thirsty before you sit down to eat but also filling your stomach with water which means you will get full faster.

7. Always keep a bottle of water with you everywhere you go

Fruit Infuser

Ensuring you always carry a water bottle, will enable you to constantly sip throughout the day and avoid any moments of feeling thirsty without a drink nearby. There are some great water bottles you can buy these days, even coloured ones to match your outfit. Water bottles are becoming more like an accessory.

8. Set yourself rules

Setting rules almost creates a little game in your head, in turn making it fun. Set yourself rules such as NO Tea, Coffee or a snack until you have had a glass of water. But if that’s too boring for you, then you could set little rules like each time you leave or enter a room you have to drink a glass of water. You justneed to find what works for you.

9. Reward yourself when you drink your targeting water goal

Reward yourself

Self rewards are a feel good as they help remind yourself that your hitting goals and moving forward. Come up with a reward that suits you to help hit your water intake goals. Maybe set small daily rewards and then large weekly rewards to make it more exciting!

10. Build up water intake slowly

If you currently drink little water throughout the day, a sudden water increase could be a shock to you and your body and in turn put you off drinking more water, such as more trips to the bathroom. Eventually your body gets used to more water, however its best to increase water intake gradually to make it as easy as possible for you.

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